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Dear Fellow Iron Warrior,

If you want to quickly add 15 pounds of the leanest most anvil-hard muscle imaginable to your body, then please read this every word of this special announcement. You’ll discover an all new form of Masteron, a legendary European steroid that can make anyone a muscular stud “practically overnight!


October 1985, Orange County California FDA Agents seize the contents of a huge underground steroid operation and discover hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of both European and American Steroids! And one particular steroid from Spain called Masteron, caught in the eyes of FDA investigators the most!

They had never heard of it before and the government had been making steroids busts for 7 years! And 99% of American bodybuilders had never heard of it before, so that just how exotic and rare it was!

Originally discovered by European bodybuilders, Masteron is famous for making you extremely hard and tight, with no water retention! Of course it made you much bigger, as all steroids do, but its “hardening” and shredding effect is what really got everybody so excited!

In fact, Masteron was literally “horded” by European bodybuilders so they could

have enough on hand for last minute contest prep! And talk about a hardening effect! Oh man, it was simplyamazing! And the reason for such profound hardness is because Masteron could not convert to estrogen, no matter how much you took… which is vastly different than ANY other steroid!

Get Big… And Stay That Way, Even Off Cycle!

And there’s another notable phenomenon about Masteron that everybody loves as well… it’s “muscle gains” were permanent and stayed with the user after discontinuing use!

Scientists aren’t sure why this occurs but they suspect that Masteron had a lasting effect on stimulating what’s called mRNA activity (Messenger Ribonucleic Acid) which is the cellular mechanism that causes new muscle growth to occur even after you discontinue its use!

And this is the very goal indeed because many steroids like Dianabol actually slow down this process after use! And you end up shrinking and getting smaller than even before your cycle!

MAXED: The Next Best Thing!

So, Masteron gets you cut to ribbons, causes nice size gains (that can be permanent) and makes you strong as hell! The only bad thing about it… you can't get it anymore!

But never fear friend because there is a good reason you are being “told” all the glorious benefits of Masteron. And it’s because scientist have just “reinvented it”… and designed a legal version that almost identically replicates the effects of the illegal prescription version.

And as they say in the “joint”… “It ain’t nothin’ nice!” … meaning, its one bad-ass anabolic agent! It’s called MAXED and scientists created it to work along the same physiological pathways as the original Masteron, namely, its androgenic backbone that, theoretically, should never convert directly to estrogen! In fact, MAXED’s androgen releasing factors are supposed to “free up” testosterone, making it more usable… while dramatically increasing it as well!

And this is huge because now you won’t suffer the estrogen related side-effects synthetic testosterone users get like bloating, puffiness and bitch tits. All the while you’ll be diamond hard, chiseled and much bigger as MAXED supposedly “energizes” the all important messenger RNA signal that accelerates protein synthesis and thus more muscle growth!

Huge Strength Gains Plus Lots Of Size!

Another awesome effect of MAXED is it’s remarkable ability to help increase strength capacity! This because it feels highly androgenic, which really gives you that “charging” aggressive attitude which you need when you’re about to handle heavy poundage! So expect strength gains of up to 20%, maybe more on your bench and squat!

And let’s not forget the amazing “recovery” aspects of MAXED either! And recovery is huge because the faster you recover from training… the faster you grow! And this is one of the least discussed anabolic properties of anabolic steroids!

So once you figure in MAXED’s, size and strength building capacity… you now have a potent combination of physiological processes that cannot help but to ad pound after pound of raw brutal muscle to your frame!

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